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S Type front bumper removal

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Had my first serious attempt to remove the front bumper this week.


Stalled at the first hurdle - the TORX screws holding the lower edge of the bumper to the splashguard just seem to rotate without actually coming loose.


Please can anybody advise?


Thanks :D

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Hi Paul

Can you get your hand inside and touch the other end of the screw? If so, you can try and rest a pair of pliers or something metal, on the pointy bit of the screw, and push down while you are un-!Removed! on the other side. You are trying to help it to unscrew. If you can't get your hand in, have you tried a pair of pliers on the head of the screw? Grip, pull, turn? Although you do risk damaging the screw head.

The only other option I can think of is drilling it out! Which I'm sure you don't want to do. I'm sure some of the guys will have other solutions


The word that has been !removed! Is 'un- screw--ing'

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Hi Paul

Sorry but I have no idea on that one I'm afraid, I would guess it's one of those plastic threaded nuts, to reduce the risk of corrosion rusting the screws in solid.

Do you have any manuals you can refer to? I have one that is over 3000 pages long I think it covers all maintenance issues inc body work, but is for my model, and unfortunately is on a memory stick back home ( I am trying to get any docs / diagrams I can on my car)

I guess you will have all the doc's you need, but If it helps I can try and find the link to the PDF it may help.

I just hope it's only one troublesome screw you have to deal with!


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Thanks Steve.


I already have both the PDF manual that you mention and the JTIS. All it says is "remove the TORX screws".


Thanks for your help :D


Maybe somebody who has done the job and overcome the problem will comment in due course.


All of the screws exhibit the same problem Steve.


If push comes to shove I'll drill them out and replace them with Dzus fasteners.

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