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S type auto gearbox problem.


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Hi all.

I'm looking for a good reputable Independent to do ZF6 speed Auto gearbox oil change and sump cover/filter replacement on my 2006  S Type 2.7 Diesel. Any Idea's please.




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On 12/2/2015 at 4:17 PM, Old Peter said:

Welcome to the Club, Nick.


The Auto gearbox is supposed to be sealed for life, but many members have had a gearbox service ---  fluid and filter change, and it has benefitted the car immensely.


There are good transmission experts all over the UK and the ZF gearbox is one of the most common automatic gearboxes in the country, and probably Europe.


If you were tp do the job yourself, it would probably cost less than £200.


My S type has done 65k miles and I will be having that job done in 18 months.






Peter, I'm looking for a reputable Independent to do a ZF 6 SPEED gearbox filter/oil change/pan replacement on my 2006 S Type 2.7 Diesel. I live Gillingham, Kent. Can you help please.??

Mike P. 

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