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Jag newbie - looking to buy X type Estate

Halo in Reverse

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Hi All  (my first post on this forum)

Im toying with the idea of buying my first Jag, an X Type estate (or is it a  Mondoe in disguise ? :-))

Id much rather have a Petrol as the mileage PA is likely to be circa 5000

Ive read that the 3.0 is the way to go but how reliable is this engine - I've seen a nice 3.0 example with 120K+ miles but backed with full JAG history and looks to have been well maintained.

Its Manual too so looks less likely to cause my wallet too much pain in the future - or is a manual Jag frowned upon in these parts 

Can i easily inspect the sills for rust without dismounting the plastic covers ?

How do I tell  / inspect if the Transfer Box is on its way ?

Im keen to sell my existing 5 year old Ford C-Max and pay off some debt - am i mad in wanting to buy an 11 year old Jag over the much newer (but boring) Ford C-Max ?

Thanks for listening to my ramblings







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Hi Mick,

First let me get rid of the idea that the X Type Jaguar is a Mondeo in disguise.  This appears to come from the fact that the very first [and a very few were sold] were actually rebadged Mondoe Ghia's.  I think you could count on a couple of hands and maybe a foot the number that went onto the road.

Sure, the floor pan of the X Type is Mondeo based, and the engines used are Ford engines, but the rest go the car is Jaguar.  It is not uncommon in the Automotive world for cars to share parts.  Even Rolls Royce from 1946 till taken over by the Germans had a Buick 5.0 litre engine.

The engines in the X type are tried and tested [I had a 2.5 Litre AWD petrol with a manual gearbox on an 05 plate] and the 3.0 litre petrol, although a bit thirsty, was the one that was bought in great numbers in America and Canada.  They did like the All Wheel Drive!   

The manual gearbox is on most X types, and is a pretty good one, and in fact seems to be standard on X type Sport models.[My son has one]

I have not done it, but apparently the sill covers are easy to remove, 

Don't let people put you off.  The Jaguar is the best car I have ever driven and I have been driving for 60 years.





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Thanks Peter for your reply & info.

My Mondeo comment was just a little humour, I'm aware that the X type is way more than a rebadged Mondoe and I'm certainly not put off by others who don't know any better. 

Ive always admired the sleek looks of Jaguar and nearly purchased an Xj358 several years ago and am ready to take my first step in Jaguar ownership.

Can anyone on the forum help answer my questions (see post above) ?




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Hi Mick,

see below I posted on a different thread, my 2.5 is just gorgeous, I drive it pretty sensibly with the odd blast now and again and get around 27 urban and 37mpg on a run, I do around 5k per annum.just ask if you need to know more and I will do my best to answer, cheers.

Hi ,

my first X Type was from new 2004 (54) 2.0d sport estate, a superb car with over 200k on the clock when I parted with it 6 years later, I now have a 2.5V6 AWD SE  auto saloon. These are superb vehicles and very reliable, the main things that went on the estate were rear bushes and bearings (around 50k intervals) and I did have to have the compressor and associated services on the air con replaced at around 160k ( I leave mine on all the time)  the car was serviced on the dot with Jaguar and only needed the usual components replaced as you would expect, I had no trouble with rust of any sort although the polycarbonate head light lenses were showing their age when I sold it. The interior was quite remarkable (cream leather) and only had slight signs of wear at 200k but I was fussy about keeping it cleaned regularly, I do think the interiors on Jags are very hard wearing so if you see a tatty one, it's had a hard life.

I guess if I'm offering any advice it would be, full service history (previous bills if poss), MOT (inc previous) checks on outstanding Finance, stolen or accident damaged, outstanding speed fines or history with the police (the AA can do this for £19.99 and it's a very comprehensive report) interior  and exterior condition ( if it looks a bit rough walk away) check everything electric inc the air con. Go on a long test drive to see if anything sounds or feels not as it should ( good ones will feel planted on the road without squeaks rattles or bearing rumbling noises coming from the drive train, the engine should start ok from cold and be smooth after 5 mins (never had any problems with mine cold starting even after 200k) check for any excessive smoke from the exhaust, no warning lights on the dash inc engine management light. T

I think that just about covers it and as I said, I have been very happy with the X Type a solid quality vehicle that looked after well will go on and on.

if there's anything you need to know more than mentioned, just give me a shout.

good luck




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Thanks Andrew for your post...very helpful 

Ive since found a nice looking late (2009) 2.2D that looks like its been loved during its life (it looks that way in the photo's anyway) and its mated to an Auto box....is this the same Auto box that should be avoided in the earlier (petrol) models ?

Are there any timing chain issues to be aware of with this 2.2D (like there are on say the Mazda 6)  ?

I need a JAG !!  :-)


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Nice one Mick, 2009 model sounds great and that model had significant upgrades/mods over pre 2007. you will have the new 6 speed auto on that model (straight shift) which according to reports is solid, my car has the 5 speed 'J' gate which has an oil change every service, and doesn't cause me any problems so far lol.

I believe the timing chains on the 2.2 are very reliable (check with Jaguar dealership) however there is an auxiliary belt that should be changed at 100k (again check with dealership to confirm)



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