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Heater Stuck On Hot!!! HELP, i'm getting a tan!!??


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2007 S-Type 2.7D, i only get hot air coming from the heater which is very annoying on long journey's and i'm sure will be impossible in the summer - does anyone have any words of wisdom/solutions, ideally inexpensive ones please???



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Sorry Sal never come across that problem. I have had it on others cars the opposite way round which was usually the result of the thermostat being stuck open however if it were stuck closed you would have engine overheating problems. My guess it's got something to do with the air con. Let's someone comes on who may have experienced the issue

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Don't know much about the diesel's

but I would say either the heater valve has failed or your webasto is stuck on

the heater valve controls the hot water into the heater radiator and is a common failure

the webasto is the aux heater for start up time as diesel take ages to warm up the water

if you type in s-type heater valve on ebay you will see the valve i mean, there specific to model and year and new ones are not the cheapest

I think you can pull a fuse for the webasto aux heater to eliminate that




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Hi Sal,

I've got similar problem on my stype diesel  , it blows hot on drivers side only. I was told the heater valve could be the problem so I bought a second Hand one from eurojag and its being fitted this week. Hopefully that will sort the problem out. 


Hope this helps ,


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