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Wind noise at high speed


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Hi guys Iv just bought a X type 2.2 diesel soverion for the wife and test drove it on the motorway the other day and found that as I went over 60 mph there was a wind type noise from both side doors/ windscreen as if the window was not quiet up,the faster I go the noisier it becomes as any one got any ideas thanks,

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Hi Phil,

That is a good idea from David.

You can also try "rejuvenating" the rubber seals with WD40 or something similar.  I had water ingress in my boot and giving the rubber seals a good clean has solved the problem

Let us know how you get on.




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Thankyou guys for all your feed back on this topic it is much appreciated,soon as I get my next day off I shall take the door cards off and reseal the mirrors and check   My door seals,once again thankyou all for your thoughts and I shall reply back when I have done the job 👍

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I will try that tip you mentioned with the a4 paper as well when I do the mirrors,somebody also mentioned that if the door card as been off to replace a window regulator that the water proof membrane could have been damaged,thanks again Jim for your advice.

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