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Front Arm Rest creaking noises


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Hi Ian,

I have also had this problem, as Peter says, drop of WD40 on the hinges and tighten screws, I have also added some self adhesive heavy duty circular felt pads to the roof of each compartment (as per pics) and this has resolved the issue, the little rubber cushions that prevent this go a bit soft after a while and all the parts start rubbing together , I have also put them on the side of the centre arm rest to stop the SB housing rubbing . See link to Amazon below if you need to know where to source from.








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Hi All,

I attached the pads as suggested at the weekend and, whilst it's not quite perfect, it's reduced the noise a lot. There's just a slight squeak when my arm presses against the rest. I'll add a few more pads just be sure but so far it's made a really big difference.



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Good to hear Ian, it is an unknown quantity tbh and I had to move the pads around to get the result, bit of fine tuning should get you close.

what it really needs is a preformed rubbergator that fits the profile of the lids to each compartment, that would be a significant step in the right direction.



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