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XK 2006 rear lights... a daft-sounding question....


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Yesterday, I helped my mum buy a 2006 Jaguar XK 4.2. She followed me home (although it recently passed an MOT, it really needs new tyres and brakes so I drove it home) and when we arrived back, she said the lights aren't working.

She actually meant the small circular sections within the boot lid area rather than the outer clusters, as those are fine. The circular parts have reflectors, but they also appear to have some sections where it looks like there could be LEDs. Is this just for aesthetics or should they actually light up?

I'm referring to the circular parts as seen on the right side of this image...


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Hi Wayne, and welcome to the club.

I have a s type on an 07 plate, and the rear light cluster is different, so I can't give you a definite answer.  I would suggest though that Jaguar would not have put on a fitting such as rear lights is they did intend them not to work.  They could be reflectors, though, and a torch in the dark should give you the answer.

I think that an XK owner will give you a definite answer.




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Hi Wayne

You don't specify which? 'Circular' parts Red or White

I Have found this, I'm making a presumption that the Red circular part is FOG lights, and the center White Circle is reverse, I also presume the rest is reflectors? cant do any better than that I'm afraid,



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Sorry for the delayed replies, and also for the lack of details. The central white part is reverse, so it's the outer red section I was referring to. There's definitely a reflector in there, but there are around 6 darker sections which, to me, look like an area for lights of some kind; perhaps LEDs.

I put the fogs on at what point but these weren't seen by my mum behind.

I'll have a good play around next time I'm with the car.

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Hi Wayne,

On a 2006 the L/H side is the reverse light and the R/H side is the rear fog light. The outer red section on the L/H side is only a reflector. 

You are quite correct - from 2010 onwards LED rear lights were fitted. With the intro of LEDs, reverse lights were on both sides together with rear fog lights on both sides.

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