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New windscreen


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Hi Guys

Just a quick question, i've recently replaced my windscreen due to a couple of cracks in important areas on the screen. The repair was completed by auto glass. I noticed the other whilst defrosting the windscreen, that the elements only defrosted the main parts of the screen leaving about 4 inches either side still frozen up. Just wondered if this is normal on the S-Type, or have they fitted the wrong screen.  

Thanks in advance

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Autoglass has checked the screen and states that it had been fitted correctly. The elements dont fill the entire screen which is normal ie  there are no elements in the screen approximately 4 inches in from either sides of the screen from the bottom, which then tapers up to the top of the screen leaving a gap about 1 inch and a half.  So when defrosting the front screen there is always a border of frost either side for ages. Could someone please tell me if this is normal

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Hi Elvis,

I get the same on mine also fitted by Autoglass to replace a cracked one, which also was the same.  When defrosting, I switch on the "demist" button which does the job very quickly, as it uses both the electric element and the blower.



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