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Update after new battery fitted

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Hi , I've only just noticed that after fitting a new battery a couple of weeks ago because of 'gearbox fault ' coming up on start up in the mornings (cold ones ) the lurch I had (second to first gear ) as also gone. Don't understand why but not complaining.   


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I suspect  you've been "tangoed" by the S-Type's sensitiity to attery voltage.

The car's electronics are sensitive to low voltage and are therefore protected.

In days past, you would have noticed a flat battery by the reduction in starter motor speed. Now, the system cuts out without warning.

When the voltage is getting close to shut-down, you get a plethora of electical gremlins. So, probably your new battery had something to do with the fault problem disappearing.

Personally I use a CTEK trickle charger once a week to condition the battery and avoid low voltage problems :winkiss:


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