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Park brake fault?

Mr Lawrence

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Did my rear pads yesterday and due to an oversight I left the ignition on and flattened the battery:wallbash:

ive had the battery on overnight charge and all is well with starting up but I now have a park brake fault! 

It says apply footbrake and parkbrake in the display but when I do that it stops for a brief second then says unable to apply parkbrake. 


Any ideas??

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Hi Andy,

The first time it happened to me I called out Britannia Rescue, and the guy who came out with a huge tow truck said "I know nothing about these modern cars, and as it is an automatic I can't tow it to a dealer".

My son-in-law googled the issue and that answer came up.



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Hi Sharon, and Welcome to the Club.

The usual method of curing "Parkbrake Fault" is to disconnect the battery rather than the parkbrake, which allows the ECU to reset. I would suggest that you disconnect the battery for a minute or so, ensuring that the ignition key is in your pocket rather than in the ignition.  Make sure you also have your radio code.

Then re connect the battery --  the alarm will of off, so click the key fob.  The fault should be cured.

You will have to follow the instructions in the message centre and reset the clock and the other little bits -- volume and any programmes on the radio you have saved. You will also have to reset the windows as instructed in the owners manual.

Let us know how you get on.



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