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leather seat repair

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Morning all,

can anyone recomend a companyin the slough area that can repair my drivers seat,the padded bit that rests on my right hip has signs of wear on it,.

I live in langley Slough area.

Would i have to remove the seat for this?



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Hi Gareth,

Assuming that the leather is badly worn and beyond restoration, a good option is looking for a new seat entirely.

If it is just  showing signs of wear, it is possible to refurbish the leather yourself using a good cleaner and also a good leather feeder.

I have seen on TV a seat restoration in which the leather has been "repainted" when very worn, and a good job it was.  I think you would be able to find this company online and, from memory, the seat colour can be matched by them and the job done probably without removing the seat.

Let us know how you get on.



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great item above--its worth having a go yourself first then if no good get it done elsewhere. Mine looked just as above but with the same kit and an hours work its all healed and looking good. I also got brave and painted the old cracks -wow what a difference. --recommend

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