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Where can I get a set of these alloys


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The alloys on my S-Type really let it down and I'd like to replace them. The previous owner had an affinity for kerbs by the state of them and 2 are also starting to flake quite badly.

I would love to get my hands on a set of these ones:


I think they would really suit my BRG S-Type Sport even if they are probably a bit of a mare to clean! 

Any ideas where I could get my hands on a set that are not going to be as knackered as my existing ones? Various sites sell new alloys but none like this that I can find. Also, what are the insurance implications of adding non-factory-fit replacements? 


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I think they are called Mercury wheels. Don't know if you can still buy them, but someone will be along soon who probably knows. There's somone on e bay breaking a car with them on, but they are kerbed. Sorry but I can't post a link on my phone.

Here you go now on laptop


Not sure if he has all four, maybe message him,they can be refurbished.

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Thanks for the replies.  I know the name of them now anyway.  Seems my assumption that they will be a pain to clean is true.  They do look very nice though.

I'm torn really.  Buying second hand alloys is obviously a risk as you may just end up with ones that are buckled or knackered in other ways.  After market alloys can be equally risky it seems from comments in other posts.  

Mine don't look great and they are definitely not all "true".  I had them balanced checked recently to solve some vibration issues and one needed balancing.  They also adjusted the tracking.  It has 75% solved the vibration but they rotated the bad one to the back and now the car feels very different to drive.  Seems to feel less solid now in the steering and like it is more prone to veering around following the worn tracks in our crappy road surfaces.  Didn't feel like that before...just had the annoying vibration between 50 and 70mph.

Do you think re-conditioning would be a better option?  I have been informed that given the level of degradation (see pic of worst one) they would need to be blast stripped and re-powder coated.  Not sure if that is just going to paper over the issue so to speak if they are slightly off true.  I suppose re-conditioning will change the balancing anyway.  There is also the issue of the car having to be on blocks while the wheels are sent off to be done.  

Decisions, decisions.  Probably looking at the same cost for re-conditioning mine as it would cost to buy a set of after market alloys.


front passenger side.jpg

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I've used City Powdercoaters Birmingham to refurbish my Rover 75 wheels, they do a very good job and still doing the £20/wheel if like me have a spare set of wheels with no tyres on them. I've been thinking about doing their drive in and they do the wheels the same day.



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Hi David, 

That looks OK.  It is just a pity they are based in Digbeth, which is a pain to get to and get out of.

Apparently there is also a guy in Lichfield who my son tells me charges £100 a car.

I would save a tenner on fuel!


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These are mine-


I was looking for a set of these for over a year, found a set on ebay which after picking up found 2 of them had flat spots / buckles. So I was just about to drop them off to get repaired and painted then I spotted another set of ebay which where A1 condition and these are the ones on my car.

I think these only were only std on XS with the body kit.

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Got a quote from Platinum Alloy Wheel Solutions for a refurb of my wheels.  They have quoted £316 for a refurb which will mean leaving the car with them for 4 days.  It's an extra £15 per unit if they have to straighten out a buckled wheel.  Sounds fairly reasonable.

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If you wanted to change the alloys you would need to notify your insurer. If this caused you any issues please feel free to drop me a line.



Surely if you change with Jaguar wheels which could have been specified when new, ie, I have Tritons on mine and Mercury's were also an option available, that shouldn't affect the premium. I was never asked what alloys were fitted when I insured mine.

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