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Huge respect Paul


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Big thank you to Paul Raistlin for his help and advice today when I popped to see him. Not only has he offered to help me with a retro fit project but he's also given me a few ideas for further things to look at doing...........he also gave me the news that I had folding mirrors , which I didn't know, and assisted in loosening them!

It is always a pleasure to meet someone who is passionate about cars and there workings and to give up family time to assist is fantastic. It's fired me up and given me so many ideas.

This is how it should be...enthusiasts looking out for each other and sharing there passion.....roll on the micro meets .

Cheers paul and see you soon for the retro fit.


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13 hours ago, Stevefoxton said:

How could I forget that! .....sorry I had.

cant stop thinking about some of the mods you've done mate....mightily impressed with them.....I'm now in planning mode. Speak soon and take care.



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