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S type interior


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appreciate the response. Looked on eBay but didn't see anyone obvious but will look again and message a few. Was hoping it would be easy so fingers crossed.

surprised jag couldn't point me in the right direction but I suppose we can't have everything.

thanks and take care.

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Hi my s type r also has dove grey leather I did a repair as well there is a company called Dynamix leather I think they are in ireland and you buy on line I bought a 250 ml bottle from them cant rember the price wasnt expensive was good quality as a perfect match providing you throughly clean the surrounding leather took about 2 weeks to arrive bought the finisher and prep solutions from ebay

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Thanks Jim/ phil,

im on the case on eBay...dynamix sound good so will also look at them.

really pleased with the repair so once it's coloured it will look great.......although it have a feeling I will have to do it again as its on the seat bolster and I don't know how long the fix will last .

ah the joys of cats!

again thanks and take care all.

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