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x-type viewing help


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Hi everyone, I've been chatting on the forum the last couple of weeks about looking for an x-type, and Peter suggested I could post any cars for sale which look good but are a bit far away from me for an initial viewing - (I am in Suffolk, which is frankly not a great place to buy a car…!)

This car is in Blackburn, Lancashire - http://www.autotrader.co.uk/classified/advert/201602151048362/usedcars?logcode=visc - I'm not sure where exactly but near there. I've spoken to the owner and the car has got an excellent service history, every 12 months on the dot. It was a demo car for a year and he has been the only owner since then. Its only an S model, but has some nice upgrades: full leather, heated seats, satnav... Its a very reasonable price, and basically the best 2.2D I've seen under £4k. 

I'd be so grateful to anyone who could pop over and have a look at it. It seems a lot to ask, but I am assured some members might be able to help, and hopefully I could return the favour for someone else sometime soon!

Many thanks and best to all,


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Hi Nathan,

I would be happy to assist but Blackburn is mega miles from me, so hopefully, there is a member not to far away.

see link below, I know Warren and he only selects solid low mileage cars, might be worth a look. The cars he has at present are a bit above the car you have selected, but very low mileage.




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Hi Nathan,

I wish I was nearer but like Andrew, I am also a long way away.

Andre has given you a good pointer, though  ---  good low mileage cars are hard to come by.

Hopefully members in the Blackburn area might pop up.



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