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Great to be a member of the club.  I'm a Jaguar newbie, having just fulfilled an ambition of acquiring one (an S Type 3 litre Sport automatic, 80k miles).  My modest budget extended to a 2007 model at £4300.  I hope I didn't pay too much.  Looks very well kept and fine in every way, except parking censors don't work, which doesn't bother me provided I remember the car has a boot!  Is this a costly and/or worthwhile repair?  May I ask for some advice from more experienced owners.  What should I look out for, or take special care over, in an S Type of this age?  Is this as good a car (in fact wonderful) as it certainly seems to be?  What tends to go wrong most?  If you bear in mind I've upgraded from a 1360cc Vauxhall Meriva, you'll understand why I'm so pleased with the new (even if slightly old) lady!

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Hi George,

I have an S Type SE 2.7 diesel the same year as yours and agree that it is a great car.

The position of the sensor module is a little bit way from where water ingress can occur. It is worth giving the seals round the boot some cleaning as if the car has not been used for some time they could have got less pliable.  I had some water ingress and as my car is parked on a slope the water was running down towards the battery.. Just putting some kitchen tissue at the left side of the battery stopped water getting any further and also enable me to see where it came from, which was the left side of the car.  It is now completely cured by cleaning the rubber seals.  Also look for the cheapest fix on the parking module -- it could be switched off!

The battery on a 2007  s type usually lasts about 5 or 6 years and I guess would have been replaced.  Mine was replaced in February 2012.  You should check that it is the correct battery for the car, as I have come across one on an s type that would have struggled with a Mini.

I would not worry about the transmission.  The ZF gearbox is a good one, and is indeed used by Rolls Royce, although some members have changed the fluid at 70k miles of so with beneficial effects. But if I have no problems with my gearbox I won't be changing the fluid until I have to.

An 07 model is one of the last to be manufactured and all of the smaller issues have been sorted out, and I have not had a problem with my car since I bought it nearly three years ago.





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Thank you for these amazingly kind and helpful replies! When you're used to driving around in a Vauxhall Merviva, there's nothing quite like putting your foot to the floor.  Will follow all your advice chaps.  Best regards.

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