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Experiences from other XJ owners (X351)


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Hi all

i'm new to the forum and would like to hear from others regarding their XJ ownership. I see lots of posts regarding the 03 onwards model, but not many covering the newer version.

I'm smitten with my big cat, which I have had since August last year.

Mine is a 2011 5.0 petrol XJL (39k miles) with rear entertainment package, heated/cooled/massage-seats, and all the other bells and whistles.

Only issue I have had during my ownership was needing to have the bonnet catch sensor repositioned, due to getting false warnings that it was open.

It gets 24mpg (US gallon) on the regular, which I think is remarkable. 

The power and noise is wonderful and it attracts admiring glances wherever I take it. 

The only minor annoyance is the rather slow touch screen, but this is easily lived with once you get used to it.

I think these are excellent luxury cars, especially when bought used. The original invoice was $98k for the car, and I picked it up 4 1/2 years later for under $40k!

I accept it's early days, but have to say this is the best car I have owned thus far. A real classic in the making.

If anyone else wants to share their experiences with this model, or the previous, please do! My local dealership is very proud of the latest reliability data for Jags over the last 5 years, so practical analogues would be interesting too.




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Hi Sam,

I am afraid I cannot give you any experience of an XJ, although I do know that it is the car used by the Prime Minister and Cabinet ministers in the UK.

There is a man round the corner who has seven XJs 4 of them being "stretched" limousines,  who I am trying to avoid as the other three are hearses!



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Hi Jim, Hi Peter


Yes I saw the Prime Minister going around in an armored version of my car, I thought myself a little lucky to have such a car for my own enjoyment!

Jim- Your XJ looks wonderful and you can tell you take good care of her. I was once strongly tempted to get one when living in the UK, but ended up in a Range Rover instead. Both lovely cars, and yours looks like it rolled off the production line last week. What improvements have you done/any major repairs.

As I said, what I am most surprised about with mine is the mpg. I get 24 mpg (3.6 litre gallon), which is amazing for such a large 5.0 V8.  What you getting from your diesel?

Premium gas (petrol) is now 26 pence a litre in Rhode Island- it's a great change from the usual pain associated with filling up in the UK!

I agree that more users will come on board after the X351's get a little older. I suppose I'll feel a little left out until then!





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Hi All,

I too have one of these great cats, mine is the diesel variant and also has all the little extras such as rear seat screens/tables, heated /cooled seats, front seats even have the massage option and these are just great on a long journey. I managed to go from Wrexham - North Wales to the Brighton meet over the Bank Holiday break. Included some high speed M-Way driving along the way both ways and a spot of racing with 4 F-Types on the journey to Madeira Drive Brighton all on 1 tank of diesel what a return for such a big car.

I just love driving this car turns so many heads where ever we go, and the sound at high speed when you hit the pedal is great. Just wished our diesel was a bit cheaper like your petrol (gas) at 26 pence per litre I think its around £1.07 a litre at my local shell garage.




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Hi All,

I have had mine for nearly a year now and love it. Mine is the Portfolio Deisel, one of ony 275 registerd cars in the UK, not quite an exclusive group but close.



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