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S-type Atf fluid change


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Good morning all 

New to site so sorry if this have been discussed before, I recently bought a 2001 y reg with 87'500 miles on the clock and yes it's developed what seems to be a gearbox fault amber light message.

Only does it in drive not if I use the left hand side of the gateway and normally only comes on when stop, slow down or speed up fast 

Been told to change oil but does it have to be zf lifeguard as read someone used dex6 only reason I ask is if oil is not the reason it's a very expensive option to use lifeguard to have to drain it all out again any advice much appreciated please 

Thanks karl 

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Hi Karl, 

You have checked the manual drive which shows that the gears will change OK.

It could be be electrical rather than hydraulic, and I would go along that route first.  Certainly if the auto gearbox is performing correctly it does seem to point towards something electrical  --  it could just be a sensor.



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Hi Pete 

I have checked the left hand side of the j gate and it doesn't do it but if it's in number 4 it doesn't seem to change upto top gear, however if you then knock it over to drive it does change up then fault comes up and drops down a gear again if that makes sense 

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Hi Simjag

Thanks for your reply, now this is interesting I've learnt something new.

How can I confirm this please and more importantly find out what oil to use should I need to then would you know the box type as it's not zf sorry to sound thick but all help greatly appreciated 



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OK Guys I have now managed to read the code and it came up with preasure solanoid c I'm guessing this is the solanoid within the box and Simjag thanks found the gearbox details now has anyone ever changed one of these there self I'm fairly mechanically minded so don't mind taking it on if you don't need to be a brain surgeon to do so.

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