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S Type gearbox oil level


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Hey all

I have a 2001 (y Reg) s type with the ford 5 speed auto box.

do you check the oil level in the box the same way as the later boxes by removing the centre plug in the drain bolt and wait for a trickle with the engine running and upto temputure.

The reason i ask is because i undone mine to check the colour of the oil which was clean but as i undone it it started to gush not trickle and was wondering if it had to much oil from previous owner.

sorry if this seems a crazy question but was just curious.

Thanks in advance


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Sounds like your diagnosis is correct..Someone has been over enthusiastic in filling and the level is checked on the 5R55N box is as you stated, But there should only be a dribble when the filler plug is removed after warmed up with the box in neutral on a level surface. Confusion arises as given fluid amounts are given are for a dry box and torque converter and once run the torque converter retains fluid even if you drain the box. Options either a bucket under and wait to the fluid to stop or use the drain plug leveler (If it still undoes) to drain some off while the engine is running until gushing stops then go for a run and recheck and top up if needed until just a dribble comes out.

Tip if draining the box to renew the filters. 1st do as for checking the level! If ok drain the fluid and measure it before disposal. This will then give a starting point as to how much is require to refill. The days of the good old dip stick are long gone.

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Thanks so much for your reply, this confirms my suspicions and now making me wonder if this is what is causing my gearbox fault code p0795 solenoid c preasure sensor.

I done a bit of digging and found the following diagrams for the 5r55n gearbox quite useful.

Thanks again for your reply 




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