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XF Boot Trim Missing?


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Please see photo. Should there be a trim piece that fits under the parcel shelf in the boot. Can not see why this would be left bare but knowing jaguar is it possibly an extra? 

Is it a trip to a scrapper to get one? 

Any help much appreciated



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Hi Andrew,

There is one on the S type  --- a rather neat one, too.

It might be worth checking out eBay, or even looking up the part Number.

Otherwise, seeing if someone like Breaker Yard has one.



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Hi Andrew and welcome,

pretty sure this is standard finish for Jag boots,  see pic below, I recently upgraded the boot lighting on my X type and just happen to have a pic where you can just about make out the boot roof as per yours. My intention is to put the car into a trimmers and get the boot roof/ shelf lined with a good insulated auto carpet, one thing I will also need them to do is fit vents to sit below the existing parcel shelf vents, so the boot can breath.





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