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speech modual for X-type


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Can anyone tell me if the speech module replaces the existing phone module as the socket on the back has a multi connector as well as the fibre connection, I have a 2009 x-type estate which has the phone module but not the speech, so don't know if the module I have found is a combined unit or just a separate one?

My fibre lead is marked CDDJ and PHONE/VOICE so assume it is a combined unit.

speech module on ebay


Thanks in anticipation

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No Alan.

The VACM has more functions than the X-Type and S-Type use so when fitted in one of our cars there is an unused socket, the smaller of the two that you can see in the eBay photo.

You will find the extra electrical connector in the loom for the VACM which fits the larger socket.

As far as I am aware there are no combined Voice / Phone modules.

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