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Swapping battery


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am due to start changing the battery for a new one and rather foolishly started reading the many horror stories that some people have had during this process.

they range  from alarms going off...immobilisers locking out and worse still the car not starting at all!

Does anyone have any words of reassurance before I begin or words of advice....god forbid I have any of the above...it will not only upset the neighbours but also frustrate me!

Thanks in anticipation

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I didn't have any problems when I changed mine 6 months ago.

You will need to the radio code and the windows and park brake will need re-calibrating.  Can't think of anything else off the top of my head. 

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many people say it's quite straight forward......it's the small percentage who have issues that worry me. As usual interneting a question throws up a lot that should be ignored but , as I'm only human, it's worst case senario every time. Lol

well.....here goes!


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Hey Paul,

yup, have all the lists to get on with it thanks to you.

am just trying something first as I've borrowed a trickle charger from a neighbour and it seems my battery is low. Will try a charge first and see if that helps with things.

if it does will look at trickle charger to top up each week similair to yours. As everyone says....prevention is better than cure.

will update when I've got an idea of where I am.

Take care


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Quick update.

Battery swapped. Everything reset and engine allowed to idle till at operating temp. Drove for 10 miles. Car seems smooth and no fault codes showing.

whether this is because the ecu has reset and has yet to pick up the faults I don't know but would like to think I'm on top of this issue and the premium battery has worked its magic! Time will no doubt tell but we live in hope.

Thanks to paul Raistlin for the PDFs procedures for re setting and the advice! Input from others also appreciated.

Next project please!


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