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Hi all,

While having my tyres changed yesterday I noticed that my NS rear droplink was shot to pieces and the OS, not much better. I need to swap out discs and pads so I'm going to add the rear drop links to the list. I thought while I was doing it I could check condition of other components and see if there is anything else that needs doing. Unless there is strong advice out there to change other bushes, joints and links as a matter of course while I'm doing the droplinks?

As I may have mentioned, my S was a little unloved before I took her on so no idea when these would've been last done, but she did pass last MOT with them, I've now done c130K. I was going to speak to Berkshire Jag Components who have been helpful in the past, and have a look on eBay for the supply of them. I can't seem to see a polybush options for them so will go with standard rubber I think.

Thanks in advance, Russ

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