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What are these please?


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Having had access to the back of the dash from an early S-Type, for reasons covered elsewhere, we found the connectors shown in the attached photos. These are on either side of the dash and we've no idea what they are for. We know that they are not for Navigation.

Can anybody help please?



x300 004 (Copy).JPG

x300 006 (Copy).JPG

x300 007 (Copy).JPG

x300 008 (Copy).JPG

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Hi Paul 

A complete shot in the dark, CDC / DVD mounted in the glove box? I'm guessing the loom is designed for both LHD & RHD hence the connectors being on both sides? you mention an early S type, didn't they have the CDC in the glove box?

i have done a little bit of googling, it appears to be a ford main wiring assembly, I also think the PB refers to 'Power Bus' what for is another thing! The following are some part numbers I came across CT4Z-14401-PB / CE5Z-14401-PB maybe going in completely the wrong direction though 

Anyway I'll do a bit more digging, if I find anything I'll pop it on here 





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