Losing engine coolant

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Hi Gents

Im looking for a bit of advice. My 05 plate s type had been going through a lot of engine coolant the past while. I had just recently put it through its MOT so thought while it was in the garage I would have them look in to this as well. The garage said they had pressure tested it and also checked the oil and couldn't find any problem . Last night on my way home from work the coolant low light came on, this was strange as I had just topped it up. I stopped at a service station to fill it with water, while doing this I felt my foot getting wet and discovered the water was spraying out of a tiny hole on the pipe that runs under the radiator behind the bumper. At least now I know what the problem has been. The pipe is only attached with two clips and a hose on either end so looks like an easy fix. Can I just get a piece of stainless steel pipe the same diameter and length to replace this part or do I need to get an original part. Any advice on this would be appreciated.

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you could repair it with pipe short term but id get a proper hose and replace it

if its gone once then it will go again, the pipe go hard with age and will only leak again

if it were to completely split, you risk overheating your car and damaging heads

if you replace you can forget about it

phone these there good prices and usually have them in stock



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Cheers for that joe. Getting it sorted on Saturday. .

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