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retro bluetooth and voice


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I do not  have either of these on my Jaguar and would like both, I have considered Parrot options but would like to stick with the Jaguar original parts.

Not to good with this sort of thing so what will i need, and what should be pre installed in the car?

Also Is there a how to anywhere as I can not find one?



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Very first thing to do Gary, is to extract the storage bin under the centre arm rest and examine the small red / black connector attached to the rear driver's side of the cavity.  Let me know how many wires go to it. That will guide you as to what items you need to get.

Do you have sat nav / touchscreen?

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no, car is still in the garage awaiting water leak to be sorted. hopefully get it back later then i can have a look. its spent more time in the garage than with me!  not a good start

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There are three possibilities for bluetooth phone connection Gary.


1.       You have the correct wiring to be able to use the bluetooth Upgrade module.

2.       You can re-jig the wiring to make the connector suitable for bluetooth Upgrade Module

3.      You can install the later (and better) Combined bluetooth / Phone module with a suitable antenna.


Based upon the photo of your connector Gary, you do not have suitable wiring. In my view, the second option is way too fiddly and time consuming, and easy to make a mess of. If you wish to attempt it, there various descriptions on other Jaguar fora  but I’d suggest you go for the third option which, as a matter of interest, is also the cheapest.

For those of you wanting to check your wiring at the BTUM connector:-

Pin 1 – Yellow

Pin 2 – Black Green

Pin 3 – Red Blue

Pin 4 – NOT USED

Pin 5 – Yellow

Pin 6 – Green

Pin 7 – Black Orange

Pin 8 – White Green

Pin 9 – Yellow Blue

Pin 10 – NOT USED.

If you do have the above wiring you will need a BTUM (2W83-14B409-AC) and a Portable Support Equipment module, also known as the phone module (2W93-19K350-AC), and a Microphone, of which more in due course.

In your case Gary, assuming you agree with my decision not to attempt the wiring re-hash.

You will need the later combined bluetooth / phone module (7W93-10D893-AB) and a bluetooth antenna with a FAKRA connector, which are readily available on fleabay. I’ll include the link to the items I use a bit later.

The combined module and antenna should cost less than £130 if bought second hand from Fleabay. The first method using the BTUM and PSE will cost roughly £170.

The combined module is, in my view a much better proposition, even if you have the appropriate wiring in the centre console because it connects faster, allows pairing with six different bluetooth phones, and shows the signal strength and service provider on the display.

Whichever method you use, you will also need a microphone. Earlier setups used an internal microphone in the overhead console but that was soon superseded by the external microphone which is more sensitive and also more suited to the Jaguar Voice system.

If you follow my recommendation for the external microphone then you will need to search for part number C2C 29785 XXX where the three Xs will be a group of three letters denoting the colour of the microphone to suit the colour of your car’s interior trim.


The Jaguar Voice control system requires merely a Voice Activation Control Module (2R8F-14B292-BD) and uses the same microphone circuit as the phone setup.


Here is a link to the correct FAKRA antenna:- FAKRA Antenna.

Let me know if you have sufficient information to proceed Gary. I will, of course, answer any questions which are not explained here.

Once you've decided upon a plan of action, I'll make another post dealing with the retro-fit practicalities.

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That's absolutely brilliant, not sure what my roof colour is though, option 3 sounds the best way forward. i will start to hunt down the parts and let you know when i have them..

Once again thank you for your help.


external microphone ordered

fakra ordered from link

bluetooth/phone module ordered

voice control ordered

five way lead

Total cost for all above parts £215

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Where did you find the bluetooth / phone module Gary. Have you a link please?

I noticed there were several VACMs available on fleabay as well.

Your headlining colour will probably be either beige or grey. It should have that detail in your car's spec sheet, which is available, if you don't have a copy, from your local dealer. They usually provide this information free of charge.

One thing I forgot to mention was the need for some fibre optic cables (D2B). You will need to break into the D2B network where your Navigation DVD player or CDC is.

One way is to make your own bespoke additional cable using available parts or another is to find exactly the cable you want, ready made, on fleabay. It is sometimes difficult to find precisely the cable assembly you need so I tend to make them up to my own requirements.

Before you buy D2B cables you will need to take some measurements in your car to ensure they are going to be long enough.

When you are ready let me know and I'll explain in more detail. Don't worry too much though. If we can't get you sorted, I have a suitable cable here which I can let you try and if it proves OK you can have the option to buy it. I will have a look for some suitable cables.

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not sure whether they have actually sold me the bluetooth /phone module will get back to you on that on Tuesday , when i can confirm it was in stock. will a four way optical lead do the trick, i am not very good at making leads


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If you are changing out the complete lead you will need four male and one female connector on the D2B lead Gary.

Here is an example:-

D2B lead

The picture is misleading, showing only two connectors. The text confirms that it actually has five connectors.

You said you have ordered the microphone. I assume that it was a colour that matched your headlining?

Any sign of a suitable VACM?

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14 minutes ago, Raistlin said:

This seems a reasonably priced VACM as well Gary:-

Jaguar VACM

paid £38 for mine, accepted on offer and i would have paid full price||   Still not sure about bluetooth module i will have to wait until Tuesday to find out whether it was in stock.

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trying hard to justify spending £200 on what is basically a novelty feature with being able to say what I want switching on and off instead of reaching out and touching a button. :whistling:

bluetooth too seems not worth it, if I could stream music via it then that'd be different. 

Just my opinion 

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Then, of course. There are those of us who do it... because we can :yes:

Further to that though, in my opinion, a fully integrated audio setup with all the bells and whistles on an S-Type is a joy to use. My car is also my toy :yahoo:

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