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What is my car worth? I'm thinking of selling...

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Hi Guys,


OK, I have a year 2000 4.0 V8 XKR one of the first of the steel lined engine blocks, and has had timing tensioners and timing chain already changed to metal versions.

The car has a full service history either by Jaguar or Jaguar specialists and has only ever had the best fuels and oils used in the car. There are some expensive upgrades with facelift grill, lowered suspension and fully stainless steel exhaust system.

The exterior and interior can only be described as fantastic and with only 79500 miles it still has many more miles left in it.

My question is how much is it worth? I have seen them priced all over the place and I wondered what a realistic price was to sell it. Also if anyone is interested let me know.





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Hi Barrie

The only thing i can suggest is see what other XKR go for of similar age and spec

and then adjust the price compared to the condition of yours

take plenty of pictures, underside as well,  when you sell it, put all the service history on there and what been done to yours

your car looks well above average condition, like i said if you put plenty of picture on your add, the car will sell itself

I would sell it on eBay, classified ad,as not to get hit with fees, as its got the best audiance and reaches more people, but you can only put 12 pics on there, so use something photobucket or dropbox and put links on there to all your pics



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probally not the £12999 you have it advertised at on your website, you can pick them up for about £10000-£11000 with a little lower mileage than yours, but is all subjective to the buyers personal view.

It just a matter of finding right buyer , i have just bought an S-Type and was shocked to see how much the prices varied. There were some poor ones out there at top prices, and good ones that sold immediatly because they were priced low. 

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Having bought one not long ago --I would say price is a wee bit steep for a coupe but consider a good offer. Unless peeps are prepared to travel there aren`t that many around and they are going up in price pretty quick

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