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At last I have my Jaguar!

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It's only taken me 60 years - it's not the type I want or the model I want but it is a Jaguar and a V8 so that will do for my first!

It may not be new or Classic but it is now mine!

All I need now is to get it 'right' (some minor niggles) and find some decent roads I can use it on - the Isle of Wight is a bit of a limiting factor.

Now to go out and 'play with traffic'!

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Welcome to the Club, Jolly.

IOW is not great for roads,  but remember as Sir William Lyons, said, "Grace, pace and Space", so while you may not be able to use the Pace that often but you will still have the Grace and Space.

And on rainy days you can still come out of Cowes with a Splash.



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Thank you for the welcome. I will be in England next week to blow out the cobwebs and find some real roads to drive on with the 'pace' measured so as not to upset the Constabulary or impact on my licence!

I am so pleased to own this car; now to have the chance to use 'Sport' mode for real!

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Hi Jolly 

Ditto the welcome to the JOC, do you have any pics by chance? If you need any help with the 'minor niggles' you have, ask away!  There are some very knowledgable and experienced guys on here 



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