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Hi all.

Sorry if as a new member this has been covered but here goes.

I have a 2013 Portfolio S with only rear parking sensors. Looking for rear camera and front sensors I had £2000+ quote and the dealer can't fit front sensors on their own. Another Jaguar dealer will fit fronts for £400+ but are a distance. Has anyone experience in this area and possibly used mobile fitters? Any advice would be appreciated before I do much parking!



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Hi Robin, and welcome to the club.

My s type has front and rear parking sensors  - and a boon they are!

If you are electrically savvy there are some members who are  good  at retro fitting and could give you some assistance.

Mobile auto electricians could possibly be found by googling.



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Hi Robin & welcome

Like Peter I have front and rear sensors as well as the reverse aid camera and although I have never had parking sensors on any of my previous Jaguars I wouldn't be without them now!

I would have thought that Jaguar would have fitted front sensors and rear camera as standard on the Portfolio; Jaguar certainly like to squeeze every penny out of you that they can, unfortunately it's not pennies that we are talking about!



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Hi Kevan,

I have an S type SE, and when I bought it exactly three years ago tomorrow I checked up via the VIN number the factory fitted optional extras and then priced the cost of each item and found that the total cost of optional extras came to £10,996.

There was even a proper spare wheel on a matching alloy rim.

I can turn my car on my drive and the sensors are really useful!



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