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1990 xjr


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My great uncle has finally given up driving his much prized Jaguar xjr at the age of 93! It was registered in 1990 on a H plate and checking on howmanyleft.c o.uk it seems to be 1 of only 50 or so on the road. He reckons he gets 8mpg! It will be coming my way in a week or so. It has been well maintained but is showing its age and since his sight and reactions are not what they were, the rear bumper is not in the best of condition.

Is this car an appreciated classic these days being one of the first of the xjr breed?

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Hi Michael and welcome to the club.

The number of similar models on the road indicates its rarity,  and is certainly approaching the time when "classic" could be added to the description.

I would get the slight refurbishing which it possibly needs -- rear bumper included - and it could become quite a valuable car.



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Bit soon to be Classic. If you have somewhere dry to store for 10+ years do so. Otherwise enjoy it now or sell it to someone else to enjoy. Does not sound lovingly cared for, and there are plenty around that have been


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