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2.5 V6 Exhaust/backbox options


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After recently purchasing my S-Type, I'm of the opinion the rear exhaust tips are a little small for the car.

So without making it look too boy racer like I've been looking out for some larger replacement tips.

I have seen Adamesh do a set that look quite smart.

However after thinking about it, I'm wondering whether to look at replacing the rear back boxes, to get a little more noise out of it.

I know it wont have a V8 rumble, and as much as its currently very quiet, I'd just like it to have a bit more presence.

Does anyone have any advice on exhaust manufacturers who produce items to fit? That aren't astronomically priced.

I'm considering having a chat with a local exhaust builder also to see what can be done.

Any comments are appreciated. 

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 eBay sometimes throw some up.

i found my powerflow boxes on there, bargain too. 


As fitted to my previous 3.0 jagwah. 

Nice V6 burble too.

image.jpegNow fitted to my 2.7d.

not much noise from them but I kept them from when I sold my old car and are there purely for aesthetics. 

The dealer painted the old exhaust tips black!!

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Thanks for the reply Andy.

Both your cars look good with the exhausts on.

There's a Powerflow dealer near me, I may pop in to see what they can do/how much it might cost me.


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Adamesh want £450 for a pair of rear boxes. A company called Fast Lane from Essex will make them up for you cheaper (£340 inc fitting) on eBay. A complete custom stainless system will cost c£1200. But everything from engine back, including manifolds, look really efficient, until you come to the back boxes, which I'm looking to replace at some point, which is why I can advise on the above. So let us know how you get on as others may be planning to change from standard as well :wink:.

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Cheers Russ, think I'll get some of those ordered!

They're currently at £12.50, it does say "x2" in the description also, bargain?

Mine are slightly grubby too and not sure they'd clean up particularly great even with some metal polish.

As far as back boxes go I may have to save a little looking at the cost of some.

Spoke to a local Powerflow dealer who quoted £180 a side.

I've seen the Fast Lane ads on eBay, they seem to do ones to fit jags, but look like more of a universal fit. However are like £60 each. Not sure of the quality or fitment but look ok?



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The £60 universal ones are just the silencer without connecting pipe and brackets, so unless you're handy with a TIG welder and pipe bender, or know someone who is, it's the installed option you probably want :wink:

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