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Gearbox fault


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Hi I am a newby to this forum. I would appreciate help if possible

On my 09 X type auto transmission,  the message  center indicates a gearbox fault,  a fault warning light comes on and the glow plug light fashes.

This occurs after driving for 15 mins and you accelerate. The vehicle then goes into limp mode 

The Jaguar service  dealer has had it back twice, installed new software on their computer as it wouldn't talk to the on board system.  They recoded the injectors, advised that I needed a new ECV, then told its running likea Dream theres nothing wrong with it. I take it on a long journey and it occurs all over again. Back it goes. The final diagnosis is that it needs a new turbo charger but no mention about the gearbox fault.

What's experiences have you had. From my previous posting I know that the turbo actuator is faulty but unable to slove the problem re the transmission fault.

Your advice would be appreciate

Regards John 

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Hi I've a 59 plate XF and in the XF group on Facebook  when messages like yours come up for no reason they say to have the battery checked as if it's low it throws up messages hope this helped 

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Hi John, Welcolme to the club. I have a 2008 X type diesel auto and I only had the car a few weeks when the same message came up and went into limp mode. After checks at dealers who fitted new egr valve the message came back. In the end they fitted new turbo and actuator. There was a very small amount of carbon in the turbo but they said that was enough to cause the problem. All this was nearly 10000 miles ago and now runs fine, although I have just replaced injectors.

Hope this helps


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