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x-type tyres


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Hi everyone,

Bit of silence from me on the Jag front - after much helpful advice from you guys I went with a 2.2d auto from 08 and its an absolute blinder. Love driving it. Will post some pics soon. Had a service and full health check from a independent specialist whilst it was still under dealer's warranty and it came through with flying colours and nothing to report. Except the tyres need replacing. I have never come across such an extraordinary collection of tyres available for one vehicle - I guess this is what happens with higher performance cars... I am on a bit of a budget and its safety first as far as tyres are concerned for me, with kids in the back - no racing etc.! Does anyone have any recommendations for tyres for the x-type and what difference can spending 4 times as much really make?



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Hi Nathan,

tyres are a very subjective topic, each and every driver has his/her own experiences and prejudices.  When I did a lot of driving (30k pa) I bought Goodyear and only Goodyear because I found them to be a hard rubber with loads of miles and I regularly managed 35k, mainly motorway, on each set.  Others might prefer the softer Avon for arguably a better ride but not such longevity; and then there are the evergreen providers such as Pirelli, Bridgestone and Continental which others will prefer.

Most of us are on a budget, but some budgets are larger than others. If you’re not a ‘prefer-a-known-name’ tyre buyer then I'd be inclined to research some mid-cost tyres where you can save pounds but still get very similar (and safe) results. I have a favourite independent tyre fitter who recommended NanKang (Taiwan), they're not budget tyres but honest to goodness middle price boots.  Ultimately of course it's down to how you drive!

Best of luck, Rowley

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on fith gear tiff nidell done a test with high end top of the range price tryes and low end budget tryes, and guess what?   the outcome was very surprising! even tiff was surprised too.  so you can guess what tryes i have on my Jaguar?  if you have catch up tv try and find the program and watch.......

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All tyres come with a energy rating style thing now, it tells you, wet grip performance, fuel economy and also the noise rating, so it makes choosing tyres much simpler.

Currently I have khumo's on mine which are b rated for fuel economy and a rated for wet grip, a being the best and f the worst, think the were £70 a corner

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