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X300 cutting out when coming to a stop


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I have now encountered my first problem with this car, 

I drove about half a mile and stopped at a junction, but i noticed it was running rather lumpy and was misfiring, i dismissed this and continued until i slowed to a stop for another junction where the engine just slowly cut out as i came to a stop. However it restarted fine, and accelerated away with no problem, i pulled over, and sure enough it died again. So i turned around and headed for home where i kept it rolling at the junction, where it nearly died but applying throttle made it splutter but kept it going. 

But otherwise, on the open road it runs perfectly and accelerates as it should .etc ,however it just runs lumpy at idle on occasion and for the first time it cutout.

The car has only done 67k miles so surly the crank position sensor shouldn't be a problem yet? And i don't know if this makes any difference but i unplugged the intake temp sensor and it made no difference to it running, so is that possibly to fault?

Any help would be appreciated,


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could be one of many things really

the intake temp sensor is normal, if you unplug them it will default to some fault values and keep running, it will of logged a fault though

easiest way would be to get a diagnostic tool plugged in and see if there are any faults

it could be something as simply as a dirty throttle body or idle valve, could be plugs or a coil pack

but best way would be to get it plugged in to some diagnostics

what engine is it



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Thanks Joe, its the 3.2 AJ16  i have unplugged each coil in turn, and it runs worse with each one unplugged so the coils are fine.  I will have a look at the throttle body. could  there be a possibility of an air leak? AS a while ago i took apart the air intake up to the throttle body to clean it all, so maybe it didnt like that?

But as you say i will probably have to plug in the computer,


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I still haven't fixed this problem, but i plugged in an OBD reader, where there was only one fault- p1626 something to do with immobliser code wrong or something.

But i read the live data and noticed when up to running temperature, it says Fuel system 1 is still running Open loop - Fault

I also noticed the MAF g/ps looks a bit low?

Live Data
Numbers of DTCs      1
Fuel system 1 statusOL-Fault
Fuel System 2 statusCL
Calculated Load Value(%)23.9
Engine Coolant Temperature(°C)85
Short Term Fuel Trim -Bank 1(%)0.0
Long Term Fuel Trim - Bank 1(%)-8.6
Short Term Fuel Trim -Bank 2(%)24.2
Long Term Fuel Trim - Bank 2(%)-8.6
Engine RPM(rpm)    720
Vehicle Speed Sensor(km/h)0
Ignition Timing Advanece for #1 Cylinder(°)19.5
Intake Air Temperature(°C)32
Air Flow Rate from Mass Air Flow Sensor(g/s)0.05
Absolute Throttle Position(%)12.2
Commanded Secondary Air StatusOFF
Location of Oxygen SensorsB1S1---B2S1---
Oxygen Sensor Output Voltage Bank 1-Sensor 1(V)0.055
Short Term Fuel Trim Bank 1-Sensor 1(%)0.0
Oxygen Sensor Output Voltage Bank 2-Sensor 1(V)0.050
Short Term Fuel Trim Bank 2-Sensor 1(%)24.2
OBD requirements to which vehicle is designedOBDII

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A bit after the event I'm afraid but I have just joined. I had a similar problem with my XJ6 4 ltr. The engine would cut out coming up to junctions etc. but there were no warning lights displayed - so was a bit mystified. Managed to get the car over to the guys who service the car. They took one look at the battery - and that was the answer (cheap and cheerful from Halfords). I Changed the battery to a proper brand (rechargeable) and she's been as good as gold ever since. Just proves you get what you pay for.

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Hi Richard, yes these cars seem to be sensitive to battery's. I took it to a Jaguar specialist, and it turned out to be a spiked ECU and the oxygen sensors, as it was over fuelling by over 10% of what it should be.Thanks for your input anyway,


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Hi Matthew

Indeed with jags there are a few possibilities to symptoms of similar characteristics - however in defence of these wonderful cars and the age yours a 97 and mine a 96 I have known of newer and allegedly more prestigious vehicles being an absolute nightmare in terms of reliability.

The only other odd thing that happened to mine was that it stuck in gear (2nd) - obviously feared the worst of a new gearbox - the cost of which would outweigh the value of the car. It happens that there is a sensor on the gearbox itself (somewhere) which gets dirty etc. and causes a bad connection and hence a fault. No new parts just cleaning the sensor and contacts remedied the issue.


Just thought I'd let you know

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