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Sunroof not working


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I'm working through the problems with my new old (1999) 3.0 SE and have got as far as a non-working sunroof. It seems completely lifeless so I assume there is no power getting to it.

I have checked the fuse which seems OK so what should be next on my list?


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Hi David

I look at the sunroof area, the sunroof control module is there

if you un plug the connector you can test you have a good supply there 12volts (pin 1 red/green) and a good earth (pin 4 black)

plus with the connector plugged in you can test if your getting 12v to the sunroof motor connections (pin 2 yellow and pin 3 white)

it might be just stuck if its not been used in ages

also usually when you remove the cover to expose the sunroof motor, theres usually on most cars a tool clipped there that you can slot in the motor as a emergency to wind the sunroof closed or open.

link to wiring manual for your car https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/77859730/x2001999.25en.pdf








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