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Air bag warning light


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Guys. the Air bag warning light on my S type 2006 stays on. The car goes in on thursday for its mot. i know that this is a failure so i need to rectify the problem asap. Has anyone of you Jag enthusiasts any ideas on how i can rectify the problem? ive tried disconecting the battery for a few hours but to no avail. So any help off my fellow Jag enthusiasts would be much appreciated. Many Thanks


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hi mark

on this one, the only way is to plug in and see where the fault is

could be one of many faults really, as there's a few airbags, there's also a few sensors on the passengers side, could also also be something like the clock spring on the drivers steering wheel, they also don't like flat batteries which can also cause faults

the only way is to plug in with software and see what the fault is



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Thanks joe. will look at calling into an Auto Electrician let them take a look at it. it does seem to be the passenger side that seems to be ware the problem lies. But like you say the car has many air bags. ho what id give for my Austin 1100 back that i passed my test in in 1976. lol

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