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Correct rear brake pads for the 2006 STR ?

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I have been searching over the weekend for replacement rear pads for my recently acquired 2006 '56' S-Type R.

It is a minefield with all sorts of contradictory information.


My car has the 'Teves' (ATE) calipers rather than the earlier Brembos.

As such it should have 326mm vented rear discs, this appears to be the case.


There are two types of brake pad listed which appear to have the same mounting shape but one has a larger surface area ?

Wondered if anyone has any practical experience of which one is correct for my car.

Some of the XF models apparently use the same rear caliper but with a 300mm disc, wondered whether this could be the difference in the pads (ie. bigger friction area for the 326mm discs) ?


Attached pictures show the pad dimensions, I will also check on the Jaguar part numbers when I am back in work on Monday.


EBC dp41749r pad size.jpg

EBC dp42059r pad size.jpg

Rear Pad Possible size 2.jpg

Rear Pad Possible size.jpg

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Problem solved !

The smaller pad fits the 326mm rears on the STR and 4.2 XKR.

The larger ones certainly fit the 5.0 XKR rear brakes, disc size is noticeably bigger than the STR.

Luckily I had one of each car at work today so I could do a comparison !

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