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changing rear cv joints


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Hi all,

How easy is it to change the rear cv joints on a 2001 3.0 V6??

I took the car to a garage to get the reluctor ring changed as its broken and they said they didn't want to do it as they would have to drop the rear suspension and completely remove the rear drive shaft? I didn't think is was that much of a different job to changing a front drive shaft.

I am going to buy a cv joint as I would guess its easier to change than faffing around with a reluctor ring?

If anyone has done this do they have the method written down, or is there a guide I can follow?


Thanks all

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jack the car up and make safe !  remove wheel, remove ABS sensor, rearhub/bearings are a sealed unit with x4 nuts/studs to undo. remove disc and hang up the caliper if needed.  the hub/bearings will be a very tight fit so caution when trying to remove so no damage is done. then when removed insert a lever between the inner drive shaft joint and the drive casing, with a thin piece of wood against the casing. prise gentle until free from the differential, but if it proves to be a bit reluctant to move strike it with the palm of your hand. make sure that driveshaft Oil seal is in the differential and not damaged. you may get a bit of Oil spillage but not much? that is when you withdraw the shaft from the unit. fitting is the reversal noting.......  new circlips to inner ends of driveshafts,  all fasteners tighten to specified torque, then replenish drive fluid.  ( torque settings) :- driveshaft/hub nut = 270nm     universal joint bolts=44nm  

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