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Guys HUGE Problem on my Jaguar X type, please help me

The car's been running quite smoothly for the past few days and now when I start the car there's a huge amount of smoke coming out without stopping and when I accelerate, the car responds by revving but it does not move forward most of the time. When it does move forward, it moves very slowly and I need to fix this in a hurry. Any help appreciated

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my initial thought would be, it sounds like you have lost compression, which makes me think you're head gasket has gone, and your burning Oil

are you a member of the AA / RAC or the like? if so, get them out to have a look 

Good luck 


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Welcome to the Club, Yashen.

What colour is the smoke, as that will be a clue?  What engine does your car have, diesel or petrol?.

To check out Steve's suggestion, have a look in your coolant reservoir and see if there are traces of Oil.

It is also possible that it could be a clutch problem.

Certainly, the first thing I would do is call out your breakdown service.

Regards, Peter.


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