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ECU Remap


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Hi all,

I know big gains can be had from remapping forced induction S-Types. Including the STR and diesels. But it's unclear if there is (much) benefit to remapping the petrol V6 (AJ6).

My local 'chippers' don't list the AJ6, but Celtic do and claim +18 Bhp and similar torque gains. But I have to send them my ECU and it's £300. Does anyone have experience or knowledge of remapping an AJ6, or of Celtic Tuning? Reviews look pretty good.

Thanks, Russ :wink:

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Hi Russ, my experience with remaps on N/A cars is that you will get better 'driveability' and throttle response rather than a noticeable power gain ?

Combining the remap with an uprated filter (K+N or similar) helps a bit.

£300 is not bad value if it does improve things ?


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Yup, I think I'd pay that, quick win really. Unlike your awesome STR, us AJ6 owners are a bit limited on tuning options. But with the exhausts, a look at the induction and panel filter, plus having her working perfectly. She should be close to the N/a V8 in power, but 150kg lighter and with a manual box :yes:.

I'm not in a rush through, having spent quite a bit in the last months, I don't need to do it this side of Xmas :wink:

Hopefully someone out there has some direct experince to guide me?

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This is what Celtic said when asked to confirm the 258bhp figure (+18 gain) and if they had advice on taking the ECU out:

Hi Russ,


You would need to send us the ECU that is correct.


The ECU on these is normally at the back right of the engine bay as you look at it but, we don’t actually have any diagrams to hand unfortunately.





Customer Advisor




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