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PunctureSafe - any views ?

Geoff C

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Now that I own my XK, I have been thinking about boot space (particularly with the top down).

The car is equipped with a spacesaver wheel, which seems ideal to begin with. However there is a bit of a design challenge here - What do you do with the damaged type if you have to fit the spacesaver (especially if it is a rear tyre that is too big for the space under the floor). Yes, you could wrap it in polythene and put it on the back seats, but that might not be a practical thing to do at times.

So, I thought about alternatives, and have been reading about PunctureSafe.

According to the website (www.puncturesafe.com), this is a permanent polymer-based preventative gel with fibres in it that not only seals punctures, but seems to prevent them happening in the first place. I have to say, that I have always been suspicious of the rubber-solution-in-a-can stuff, as it damages the tyre. However this stuff looks different and washes out if you need to do so without damaging the tyre. They make versions for performance vehicles as well as the military and construction industry.

The added benefit is that I get more boot space by removing the space saver.

However before going down this route, I wondered if anyone had and experience of the product.



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Hi Geoff,

I drive and s type with a "proper" spare wheel, so I have not had the experience of using such products but my son did use I similar product once for a slow puncture and it worked.

Many cars now don't even have a space saver but just the puncture repair kit.

On the plus side for me I have not had a puncture since 2001!



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