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Newbie Questions - Treat me gently!


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Ok, so after Months of searching I managed to get a 6.0 V12 Xjs Coupe. I paid a bit more than I wanted but so be I. So now I am paranoid about what could be wrong with it..... The previous owner restored it and it only covered a couple of 1000 miles in a few years. So a couple of questions. The engine seems to get very hot very quickly, is this Normal ? Temperature says it is ok but it feels hot in the cabin even after a short run. Secondly the fan runs in short bursts after the car has been turned off, this seems odd to me as cars I have before the fans ran for a while and then stopped, but the xjs seems to run the fans in short bursts. Also is there anything else obvious that I should look for , have checked the levels etc and seems all ok!

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Hi Craig

my s-type R , seems to get hot, the v8's produce some heat, but the temp gauge allways sits at halfway

don't know about the v12's, but as long as the temp gauge looks good it should be ok

hopefully someone with a v12 xjs, will join and let you know what normal temp is

I'd say the fans coming on in short bursts is a good sign, its normal for fans to kick in after engine has stopped, as cooling stops, engine heat builds a bit and as the fan only runs for a short while, must mean its not too hot

post some pics up of your car




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Going back many years I had a triumph stag v8 and it well documented that these cars couldn't disapate heat the engine produced and overheating was common on these engines.

The main issue was the radiator was only just big enough and combined with a mineral build up from using regular tap water in the cooling system only made problem worse.

The remedy was simple. Remove and thoroughly flush radiator with a recognised cleaning solution and flush the system through (I actually ran costic soda through mine before dismantling)

A new high flow radiator was fitted and that was the end of the problem 

Best of luck


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