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Extended warranty pros & cons?

Graham C

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Hi Guys,

My 'Extended Jaguar Approved Warranty' comes to an end early next year. I found details of a Warranty Co (no names) who immediately after I'd entered my details, and I mean immediately, were on the phone to me pushing their wares. They offered a wear and tear policy at a final knock down price of just under £750.

I then contacted my dealer and discussed the possibilty of extending my current policy, they said no problem, at a cost of £1100.

Over the past 2 years I've had work done under warranty that must have cost quite a few hundred pounds, so bearing that in mind I'm under the usual dilemma, what to do next.

The car (XK60) is now 7 years old, and done 52K. Dealership labour rates are about £150 per hour so it's tempting, however it's the usual risk, will the car break down or not!

What are your views, do or don't?



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Hi Graham,

I had the same quandary some years ago with aRover Sterling that I had from 8 months old and with the Rover Service price being £325 + VAT I guess that their labour charges would be astronomical too. This was in 2001, and as luck would have it a Mobile Mechanic put a flyer on my car  - "Rover Trained Mechanic  - Service £75 on all Rover cars".  He has serviced my cars ever since.

My S type is now almost 10 years old and I have only had one repair - A failed water pump --  cost of replacement and fitting £150.

Three years warranty would have cost a quite substantial amount.

My answer would be put a suitable amount in the bank, and if you don't have a breakdown you will be quids in.




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