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Suspension Knock


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Wondering if anyone has carried out the changing of rear suspension bushes, if so what is involved and can it be carried out by a novice when it comes to car maintenance. Its a 2007/8 just flew through its MOT with no advisories, even after asking the tester to pay particular attention to the annoying  knock emanating from the rear offside (only present when being driven over uneven surfaces) it still passed, so took it to my local indy and he advised that the  lower suspension bush is the problem. So back to the original question is it a job I could tackle.

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all the bushes are available on eBay

usually the ones on the bottom of the shocker or anti roll bar drop links are usually the culprit, but there's quite a few

they can be straight forward to replace, but can be time consuming, especially if you have to remove the bottom arms

nice and easy to press out if you have access to a press or I've done them using a descent bench vice and various size sockets to press them out

rear drop links on anti roll bar are easy to change and quite cheap and is what I'd swap first,

also check the rubber boots on the drop links and rear toe links. if they have perished, water has got in and there probably the cause of the knocking

If you do need to replace any bushes, go for factory style bushes, don't go for poly type bushes, you will lose comfort and they can sqeek really bad sometimes and will drive you nuts



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Good advice as always from Joe there! I've done my rear droplinks and they were easy and did stop a rear 'clonking' for awhile. But I've noticed a similar sound from the front and suspect I'll be doing all the suspension bushes before long. Having to press them out adds a layer of hassle, but I have a vice and sockets so should be OK. Previously I used to take press in wheel bearing to a local engineering place and they popped them out for me. 

I did have a quick look to see if changing the whole suspension arm was an option, but too expensive. But we have the advantage of a forged alloy assembly and not the pressed steel most cars cheaper operate with, so on balance, this is for the best :yes:

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