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Brand new xfs with incontrol touch pro. I've got to grips with it all, got Live working, all connectivity set up, set up all the apps, in fact all the tricky bits I've managed. But I'm stumped on two small details if someone can help.

1. How do I stop the nice lady giving me voice directions? I just want the visual directions. I can't have her interrupting Mr Gilmore and friends in full flow.

2. How do I get the passenger mirror set to dip to view the kerb when reversing. The manual indicates there is a setting in Vehicle Settings, but I've treble checked, and there isn't. 

Many thanks.

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Welcome to the club, Alistair.

I hope you will enjoy the club as much as you will enjoy your Jaguar.

My S type has a different Sat Nav to the latest XF and I am able to mute Doris when needed at the push of a button.

Hopefully those members with a knowledge of the XF will be able to assist with both the Sat Nav and the mirror which I can do quite easily with the window/mirror controls.



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Thank you.

I over engineered the voice. There's a big button on the route screen. It says Mute. No idea how I missed it.

Still can't figure out the mirrors though if anyone can help.

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Welcome to the club, in answer to your question regarding the reversing mirror the following works on my 2012 xf premium luxury 

From home screen go into vehicle security, select windows/ mirrors you should see reverse mirror dip , select on or off. This works for me but dependant on your model it may have been an optional extra i think it only works if you have the folding mirror option.

Hope that helps



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Thanks. Although I do have the window settings, there is nothing about mirrors. I've searched every setting now, and it's just not there. The car is an XF-S, with incontrol touch pro. It does therefore have folding mirrors. 

I'm at the dealers in the week, so I will ask them then.



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