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squeaking drivers side windscreen wiper blade


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I have replaced the windscreen blades twice, but I am still hearing a squeaking/screeching sound as the drivers side blade reaches the top of its cycle, just before it goes back down again. Can anyone advise. The blades are aftermarket, not original Jaguar, could that be the problem?



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Just make sure that no part of the metal on the blade or wiper arm is touching the glass at any point.  I know you say you've replaced the blades but did you replace the whole blade or just the rubber?  If just the rubber, then maybe the blade is worn and is allowing the rubber to lean too much or the metal to rub on the glass.  If all this is OK then try cleaning the rubber thoroughly as other have suggested or if that still doesn't stop the squeak try a different wiper compound such as urethane.  I assume you've checked that the squeak is not coming from the motor or wiper mechanism?


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On ‎11‎/‎24‎/‎2016 at 8:12 AM, Old Peter said:

I might try the potato on my squeaky window, Andy.

I hope this thread doesn't go astray and starts  talking about the type of potato to use:wink:


Maris Piper are best I think Peter.  Sorry.

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