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Hi all,
Can I just ask a question regarding the DPF, I've just cleared mine again doing the usual 50-70 mph for twenty minutes thing, but I would like to know if you motor way drivers ever see this warning message ? I would like to think not but would be interested.
Regards Dave  

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not got a XF diesel, but I do know like most modern diesels, they don't like to potter around town

they do like the revs raised, at regular intervals, to get the DPF hot and which in turn keeps it clear

motorways are ideal to achieve this, but you don't have to go zooming around every where, you just need to get the revs raised, for short periods, at regular intervals, will help, if not cure it



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Hi Joe, 

Thanks for your response, I think what I'd really like to hear is from someone who's done three years are so on motorways and has never had the DPF warning sign up.

regads Dave 


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