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S type headlights


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Hi all,my first time on the site.my problem is that my headlights are very low. There is no sweep motion on either light when switched on.The lights do not appear to be loose in any way and the manual adjusters are ok.I have seen the "brutal"fix on a few sites but am reluctant to try it.Is there a possibility that the motors are the problem and are there any pitfalls in replacing them?

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There have been posts about the auto adjusters before, I was lucky enough to have an older model where adjustment is made with a 10mm allen key, took about 5 mins! Not all progress is good progress I guess!

Hopefully someone with experience of the later ones can help Dave, or you could search the site for previous posts about it.

Good luck :wink1:

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what model of car do you have, I'm sure only the HID headlights do the sweep up and down on ignition on, none of the other headlights do, halogen light are not self leveling, there's a adjuster on the right hand side of the dash that lowers them as you put more passenger and load in the car

if they are self leveling and they don't do the up and down sweep on ignition, then they have a fault, which can be read with a Jaguar code reader, its usually front or rear leveling sensor

also all headlights are adjustable and the rear of the headlight, with a allen key if i remember right, self leveling or not

its a common fault for the adjusters to break on s-type and x-type, the adjusters just go weak and break, easiest way to tell is remove the cover off the rear of the headlight on the high beam, inner ones, hold the bulb holder and push and pull gently, if they don't move there ok, if there all loose then the adjuster have broke

adjusters are available off eBay and can be replaced by taking the headlight apart, but the front bumper has to be removed to remove the headlights, I did mine last year took me 3 hours from start to finish



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Thanks joe,mine does not have switch inside and headlights seem pretty firm,the manual adjusters at rear of lamps seem to be ok.I will ask my local friendly Indy garage to diagnose problem and take it from there.Will give you chapter and verse when she's all well again.

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