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How much is it worth?


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Hi, hope you can help?  I have owned my S-Type 3.0 V6 sport for 10 years (reg 2003) and have loved it - it is black with a beautiful red leather interior and drives like a dream (98,000 miles) is in good condition and has an MOT until beginning of March.  We would like to trade it in but the dealer where we have found a car does not take part ex , the prices offered by the "We buy" sites are so sad.  Can you please give me an idea of what I could expect? Thank you.

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Best advice I could give is look on eBay, gumtree and autotrader, see what similar model cars are going for and adjust the price, if your has better feature's, such as optional extra, service history  and any recent work its had.

there no point making a price up, because people won't pay it, you have to make yours competitive with what similar models are going for

all ways highlight the good points of yours like recent work and history



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Hi Sarah,

S-Type prices are on the floor and this is a good time to buy not sell! As Joe says, check eBay, Parkers and perhaps Autotrader, you're unlikely to achieve more than £2K, could be even less than that, are you sure you want to sell? The fact that you've owned for a good while is a sell point, but my recommend would be to keep her!

Good luck, Russ

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I had a MGF Trophy a few years back and " We Buy Any Car " offered me £460 for it . I sold it on eBay for £1790 . As for your car realistically your probably looking at £1500 - £2000 . The market for large engined cars is smaller due to the running costs , so basically you can get a lot of car for little money . I paid £1200 for my 3.0 X-Type with 70,000 miles a year ago . Not the best time of the year to get top money for a car either unfortunately .

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