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Parking sensors


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My car was recently parked for 4 weeks while I was away without the engine being turned over. When I returned the battery was flat. There wasn't even enough left to unlock the doors with the remote. I got jump leads and the car started no problem. I had 50 miles to drive home so by then the battery was charged again.

The next day when I started the car and went to drive I noticed the parking sensors audible alarm was going off continuously until I had built up speed. When I stopped at a junction with nothing in front they would go off again. It wasn't intermittent but a continuous noise. When I turned off the parking sensors the noise stopped but no good for a long term solution.

Any ideas or suggestions folks?

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I am not so sure that your battery will have fully recovered in the time it takes to drive 50 miles, especially if it was with lights and/or wipers on. I would be inclined to plug it in to a CTEK battery conditioner or similar, preferably for 24 hours. This will recondition the battery if required, and in any event will show the state of charge. Low charge in the battery can throw up all kinds of electrical issues.

Your problem arose after leaving the car standing for four weeks, so it is most likely to be battery related.

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Hi Keith, 

David and I are at one with referring to the battery.  I also noticed that your s type is an 07 plate, as is mine, and I would also check the age of you battery.  I replaced mine last week, and it was just under 5 years old and was not seeming to hold a charge for very long.

The diesel engine needs a good shot of electricity to start the car -- glow plugs etc, and with batteries lasting about 5 years  a cold winter will take its toll on an ageing battery.



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